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Inox stainless rebar, also known as concrete reinforcing steel ribbed outer diameter from 10mm to 40mm in length 11,7m bars. Include D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D22, D25, D28, D32, D36, D43, D51. Character D for Deformed steel and the next two digits represent the diameter of the steel bars.

Example D10: Deformed steel 10mm diameter. All kinds of odd diameters available on the market except for D25, D43, D51 are not due Dosco steel production. Because, all kinds of small diameter is used odd design standards for building except D25, D43, D51.

The size parameters, cross-sectional area, the volume of 1m length, allowable variation and the quantity to be calculated according to the provisions specified in the standard. Products are bundling in quantities not exceeding 5 tons, is at least equal to 3 bundles of steel wire or belt.

2. Technical requirements.

Mechanical properties of stainless steel stainless steel to ensure the required yield, reliability instantaneous, elongation and is determined by means of a pull, try bending in cold state. Physical properties of each type and test methods are specified in the standard.
– Race Type: Steel Zebra .D10 ÷ D50.
– Specification: ADD.
-Standard Products: JIS G3112 – 2004, TCCS 01: 2010 / TISCO, A615 / A615M-04b, BS 4449-1997.

To identify the correct stainless steel stainless Docso please note the following points:

– The length of each steel bar is 11,7m
– There are star-shaped symbol floating on steel
– The distance between two consecutive symbols: 1m to 1.2m depending on the diameter of the steel bars

Quality standards:

1 Mark Steel Equivalent Japanese steel under JIS: G3112 – SD295A and JIS: G3112 – SD390
2 Diameter 10mm / 12mm / 14mm / 16mm / 20mm / 22mm / 25mm / 28mm / 32mm / 36mm / 43mm / 51mm
Length 11.7 m 3 bar
4 Bundling wholesale Column 4, weighing about 2.5 tons

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